Sunday, May 23, 2010

Why Read From Jesus to Heaven with Love: A Parable Pilgrimage?

Marketing a new book for me circles all the possibilites of personalities on the planet and most of the interest levels. One person asked with raised eyebrows: Why should I buy your book? Caught a bit off-guard, I asked, "Are you one of the one-in-three Americans who want to grow spiritually?" She said, "Well, yes, I do." I replied, "From Jesus to Heaven with Love: A Parable Pilgrimage can help you do that." She said, "Fair enough...I'll buy a copy."

Since I have spent the last ten years of my life focused on researching and writing and re-writing this book, I felt I should have given her a more concrete answer, so here are some reasons why this book project helped me understand more about my Christian faith, get to know God in Three Persons better and I believe it will help others, as well:

1. The timeless Wisdom of Jesus reaches readers whereever they are, so From Jesus to Heaven with Love: A Parable Pilgrimage is an evergreen book that readers can pick up year after year, decade after decade and get different messages from Jesus out of the 33 of his parable stories that are in the book.

2. The book enables readers to answer Jesus's question to disciples: "Who do you say I am?"

3. The book's Love, Healing and Salvation discussion help readers keep the Devil from spoiling their soul's journey here.

The book has a foundation in many books on the New Testament, including President Thomas Jefferson's, Russian Playright Lev N. Tolstoy's, the angels' 2,000 page version from the book URANTIA.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

To Market, To Market to Sell My New Book

Ah, the life of the disciple. How interesting life has been since May1st when my book From Jesus to Heaven with Love: A Parable Pilgrimage came out by

People have said they are impressed with the book, enjoyed reading the information supplied by the publisher by clicking on the cover of my book on the site, liked the description at under the Books tab, liked the flier, and they have also said they didn't need a flier. Mixed reviews? Just like life. Some are interested and some are not.

After spending ten full years researching and writing a book that speaks to 33 of Jesus's parable stories in a way that readers can learn Jesus's messages on how to take action to make their lives better, more loving and closer to God.

And, I have started something that I am really enjoying. Everyone who sends me a postage paid, self-addressed envelope to give them money, I am sending a From Jesus to Heaven with Love: A Parable Pilgrimage flier and letting them know that after my new book sells 1,000 copies, I will be making a contribution and using my own stamp!